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Interview with Catweazel [ENG]
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Wysłany: 2011-02-02, 14:19   Interview with Catweazel [ENG]

Interview by [KGR]BounCe

Hello Domenik, how could you describe yourself as a player ? How do you compare yourself with other players ?

As a player I consider myself as very strong, not just in cossacks but as well in other games. I always try to perfectionize my gamestyle and moreover I am very ambitious. I always try to be 1 step ahead than my oponent, in game and mentally. It is very important that you have strategy for every game and I always try to make this strategy work, no matter what my oponent does. It is my target to push my strategy on the oponent to force him to react on what I do, that confuses him and makes him do mistakes. But I must mention that I am always critisizing myself. I look for mistakes in my game, even if I won. I anaylze all records. It is very imporant to know what was going on so that you learn from it and raise your experience.
For long time I had the advantage that I was miles ahead with my tactics and strategies which is why I always won. Nowadays many people readjusted their gamestyle which makes it harder for me. I consider myself as a fast player, but not as the fastest. Everyday i can see players who are faster than me in build up and developing, especially in 5000. But for me it is not quite acceptable so I try to be faster than them the next time.
By now there is no player that i have never beaten. I always could beat anyone in his best option because of the above mentioned reasons.
Cossacks is a beautiful game and sometimes I feel very inspired and play very creative and strong. I think thats what makes me a strong player. But definetly others with the same attitudes as mine, could reach my level. But im prepared for that.

Why exactly the KGR clan leads ? How do you compare the KGR with other clans ? What is the key to build that strong clan ?

The key for success of a clan is its members. Any member in a clan is responsible for its strength and image. I as the clanleader know that and try to look for members who have nice and stabil characters. Those who did not fit in our clan had to leave us. I personally rate friendliness, fairness, activity as more important than strength in the first place.
But as a consequence of being in KGR they would get training from me or other members which would make them stronger for sure. As a matter of fact there is currently no big competition for us except the clan 1nT, but there definetly was in the past. Clan as CIA, AoD, EiS, EL have increased our ambition to play a mainrole under these clans.
I have divided the life time of KGR ( founded in summer 2002 ) into 2 eras. The first era starts in summer 2002 and ends in Spring 2005, the second Spring 2005 until now. Within both eras the KGR has played a leading role in the option million in the first era even in 1000 and 5000 ressources since we had more thousand-players then. However, my doctrine for the clan has always been that members must have contact to each other in order to help and advice each other. The members should play in leagues to be preapred for big tournaments. And no KGR member should fear competition.
Only members that keep asking for a game really show their interest to be a better player. As it is the case for football teams I would always nominate the best players of a clan for a tournament. Its always a hard choice to decide who to nominate, on the other hand it creates a little compeition between the members, which helps them to get stronger. There once has been a poll about who is the strongest clan; I am personally convinced that if EiS at their best time or EL at their best time would play vs KGR at their best time, KGR would turn out as the winner.
EiS Clan has won the vote. I clearly disagree. KGR has been active for almost 7 years now and always played a leading role. We have never lost a 1v1 Touranment with another clan and always were under the top 3 of clantournaments, lastly even the number 1 in 2007. I consider this victory as all-saying, since at this time all clans were very active and gave their best to win and we finally made it which just proves my point. Ever since no clan posed a real threat to us anymore and in fact we became much stronger until now.

What do you think about the Immaturity of players in Cosscacks, including racism and personal insults ?

Well, I am a tolerant person about it. If someone is insulting someone else I try to understand why and for what purpose he did it. "Racsim" or "personal insults" are mostly used in a non-offensive way in our community. But im here long enough to understand what is meant seriously and what isn‘t. As a matter of fact I don‘t tolerate personal insults it if its meant seriously, and has no provable background.
Racism for example is not nice either, unless its meant in a funny. I sometimes make fun of the Russians too, but in real they are normal for me as all others too. As it is about personal offenses, it takes to anaylze an incident in the situation and to decide either it‘s meant bad or funny.
Immaturity though is another case. As humans we are all emotional beings. I personally dont get angry if someone calls me bad words after I beated him. I don‘t like either to lose. To show emotions/ feelings ( positively or negatively) should not be punished in my understanding.

Many players don‘t know about the beginning of KGR. Can you please tell us a little bit about it's past ? Why was it created ? How many members we had ? How long did it take until KGR became successful ? What was our doctrine of that time ?

The KGR clan was found in summer 2002. Its very first members were Der_Korse ( who is my cousin 2nd degree ) and Tabularasa ( my uncle ). They are both about 42 years old now. In my first months of cossacks I only played with them a 3 player FFA game. And as soon as we tried to join other games we have been kicked out. We knew no clan of that time could give us what we wanted so we decided to create our own clan called Königreich.
My Uncle tabularasa was not a very strong player but my cousin 2nd degree was !!! Just a few weeks later Hitman joined our clan too and we 3 made a lot of teamgames together. KGR started to get strong in summer 2003 when the number of our member has rised up to 20 members. We created our first KGR tournament in which we played vs each other. Also in this year we beat the AoD clan in teamgames or 1v1 a couple of time ( AoD was considered the best clan by that time), so thats where I would say we started to enter the world of experts.
From then on KGR had a very big time. Our number of members doubled again up to 40 members, mainly German speakers. Prey was the only non-german for a long time . Our doctrine differed from the one that we have today. Our target firstly was not to be the best clan. In the very beginning we only didn‘t want to get kicked out of games haHa. But when we noticed we were strong as a big family of friends we thought we could make it. I can‘t remember that we claimed KGR was the best clan in its first era, if I think about it we maybe were, there was a lot of equal competition though, like AoD or CIA.
However when i went back to Gamespy in summer 2005 and realized the big competition i knew KGR had to be number 1. I tried my best make that work, now I can say I succeeded, may I ?
Our first members were Der Korse, Tabularasa, Catweazel, Hitman, Dragon, Prey, Streetfighter, Firestorm, Shadow, Hannibal and many more. I can tell this line-up was very hard to beat at that time.

Which players would you like to have in the KGR ?

Actually, there are just 2 players i always wanted to get into the KGR and that is Iceman and Assassin. However, Assassin would have never come to KGR, Iceman already did ,but always went inactive and when he came back he went back to AoD. As much as KGR is in my heart AoD is in their‘s. I can understand their decision.
Lately, I have met new friends in cossacks due Teamspeak who are from BoB clan. If the BoB clan would ever perish I would offer some of their members to apply for KGR. I talked a lot to them on teamspeak, played a lot battlefield with them and realized their nice character and additionally they are strong players. I think they would perfectly fit into the KGR. There was a time I wanted Borny into the clan but that has changed during the autoumn of the last year.
But if we talk about the players who are right now in the KGR as for example Typhoon, when I have seen him playing the first time he still was in AOW, i knew immediately I had to have him in our clan. I have seen his potentional and his nice and ambitious character. I have never regretted it. With amytis it is the same case, in the first game I‘ve seen him playing he was in BoB and I knew he must be KGR and many others..

Are you satisfied with the KGR currently ?

Yes, very. The activity of each member on the forum could be better and each member could particiapte at LCN to gain training and experience for tournaments, but generally I'm very happy with KGR.

Since Astrix is Nr1, have you tried to reach his spot ?

No, he is untouchable.
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