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History of the KÖNIGREICH clan

Everything began in summer 2002 when Tabularasa, Der Korse and Catweazel lost the interest to play against each other, but rather creating a strong clan which would make people shake as soon as they hear the name and what it stands for.

Tabularasa invented the name KÖNIGREICH which is in shortened as [KGR].
Why the name Kingdom? From the beginning it was clear that in the KGR clan a royale order of ranks should take place, comparable with the royale system in the shell, in order to increase the competition to be better than the other one.
This system quickly didnt matter that much nomore, since all members of the KGR got kings in a very short time.

In spring 2003, the size of the KGR-clan was almost trippled when Hitman, Shadow, Hannibal, Freestyle, Streetfighter, Ghost, soldier and virus joined to the KGR.

By that time the clan AOD, with Iceman and Assassin as its leaders, started to introduce an alternative to Denmark and Prussia, which was NO-power or England. This was special since No Power has to be played very differently in comparison to Power. Many more tactics were possible. In this option we discovered our strength.

Especially Hitman, Der Korse, Streefighter and Catweazel and player Dragon (who came in autumn, 2003 to KGR) have contributed a lot to the tactics which are still being played today in No power games. Today, as an example, the Dragoon's tactics which has been developed by Der Korse and Catweazel together, are still played by many players.
At that time the No power tactics of the clan AOD could also be cracked and Hitman and Catweazel started to finish the era of Iceman and Assissin as the unbeatable team.

The absolute climax in members experienced KGR in the end of 2003 and January, 2004 with about 35 élite Members. By that time KGR was victorious at numerous clanwars against AoD, CiA, Faust and many other clans, also several 1v1 Tournaments could be decided in favour for the KGR. A few weeks later the majority of our Members were also able to defeat the AOD and KGR became therefore the strongest million clan in the GSC shell.

Unfortunately, the number of the Member diminished up to March 2005 so strongly, that KGR CATWEAZEL was the only representant of the old KGR.
Just 2 months later he decided to play on the gamespy shell, since the GSC shell seemed be perished.

Right when he started to play he gained attention by many old school players of the gamespy shell, some other players applied to join the KGR and therefore we needed a new forum. Since EiS clan was the strongest clan of the year 2005, we thought its a good idea to ask sharing their forum with us and they kindly agreed. Consequently we quickly took palce in this new community and our clan began to grow.

Due to some problems we left the EiS Forum in Spring 2006 to create or own forum again for the first time after a year and tu be fully independent again.
In 2005 and 2006 we participated at 2 clan tournaments, which unluckily did not result in our victories, we just took the 3rd position both times, which was not enough regarding to our requirements in the past.
This is why the whole clan kept doing a great job to train very hard for the coming clan tournament in 2007 and managed to win the CCT - cossacks clan tournament very obviously. By now the KGR found back to its old peak but yet the climax of 35 active elite players could not be reached anymore.
Also in comparison to the old times when KGR was a pure German clan, it became an international clan, with members from all over the world and all possible nationalities.
Moreover that we got more modern by using Skype, Teamspeak or MSN to grant a better communication among the members. Our forum is currenlty one of the most one in the cossacks community.
We enjoy a very good reputiation in the cossacks community and as it was in the old days.
Together we go for the win and whatever will come we shall be victorious.

The End

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