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Forum Cossacks 3 :: Patch z 3.2.2017

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Patch z 3.2.2017
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Wysłany: 2017-02-03, 20:55   Patch z 3.2.2017

Przyszły spore zmiany. Zapraszam do lektury. :)


New mechanics:
1. Units will now experience collision when they approach enemy troops. Each unit now has a radius that will prevent enemies from going through them. This severely affect the cavalry units, as not they won't be able to pass through units and make diversions behind the lines.

2. Land units can now engage each other more easily.
Changes to gameplay

1. The upgrades to firepower from the academy now recalculate after each unit's personal upgrade. Now they are not influenced by the amount of firepower units have at the moment of upgrade and scale independently. This heavily influences the early game stage and affects Serdiuk, 18th century musketeer of Prussia and Denmark.

2. Resource gathering upgrades now influence the respective nation where they were learnt and don't stack together.

3. "No cannons" option now fully disables artillery, not only cannons.
New game options

1. "No diplomatic center", "No market" and "Without either" options are now available in the lobby.

2. It's now possible to set starting locations: random positioning or allies grouped together.

Performance and AI

1. Optimized the combat and target selection for units.

2. Optimized the way AI thinks and reacts, sped up the processes.

New in-game notices

1. Now the game determines if you have a video card unsuitable for playing the game and will notify the player. In this case, you need to update your video card drivers from the manufacturer's website.

2. Now the game will notify you, if it will find only an integrated video card, not a discrete one. If such situation occurs, we recommend you to update your video card drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Fixed errors

1. Fixed "stuck" units, which ignored orders.

2. Fixed a bug, when after ordering a unit to go to an unreachable spot (mountain, building or water) the unit stopped reacting to the enemies nearby till the next order.

3. Fixed an error, which caused the game to reset the blue colored player options.

4. Fixed a bug, when units near one edge of the map could start moving in the direction of the opposing edge.

5. In rare cases peasants would ignore "Build" or "Repair" orders. This was happening due to them already being on the spot where required action would take place.

6. Fixed the "disappearing upgrade". Prior to this, certain upgrades would disappear from buildings if those buildings were captured earlier.
Kontakt: https://www.facebook.com/PeteLevy123 ; warrengda@gmail.com
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