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Patch z 3.2.2017

Przyszły spore zmiany. Zapraszam do lektury. :)

New mechanics:
1. Units will now experience collision when they approach enemy troops. Each unit now has a radius that will prevent enemies from going through them. This severely affect the cavalry units, as not they won't be able to pass through units and make diversions behind the lines.

2. Land units can now engage each other more easily.
Changes to gameplay

1. The upgrades to firepower from the academy now recalculate after each unit's personal upgrade. Now they are not influenced by the amount of firepower units have at the moment of upgrade and scale independently. This heavily influences the early game stage and affects Serdiuk, 18th century musketeer of Prussia and Denmark.

2. Resource gathering upgrades now influence the respective nation where they were ...
1873 0

Cossacks 3 DLC: Days of Brillance z polską kampanią!

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