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Historia Cossacks [eng]


The history of project "Cossacks” began in 1997, when Microsoft presented its strategic game age of Of empires. In it, there were many original motions, which simply cast a spell on players, this was the first revolution in the genre, the new words in strategies, which, left tracks in our hearts.

At that time we dealt with the creation of online multimedia encyclopedias, whose sales began slowly to go to down, and the development of games became a question of further survival of the company. One way or another, we decided to try ourselves in the new sphere. Proceeding Age Of empires far and wide, we studied all its special features, we tried to understand how it gathered an audience. In one-and-a-half year of active game the necessary ideas appeared and an understanding of the fact that we ...
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Jak zrobić moda do Kozaków? PL How to make Cossacks mod? ENG


Forewords: First rule of making mods is DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY out different things. Change a few things here and there. You will make some mistakes initially but this is how you learn. It's how I learn. Practice makes perfect. So just get your notepad / wordpad fired up and get into it. Just make sure that you back up the original Cossacks files before you do anything else. Please also note that for the purpose of this article, the term units implies both units and buildings of the game Cossacks.

Table of contents:
1. File types
2. The anatomy of NDS files
3. How to change unit graphic
4. How to add unit
5. How to put edited files back into the game[br ...
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Taktyka prowadzenia wojska + wymiany na $$$ [eng]


I decide 3 different gametypes:

Gametype A:
very offensive war – little distance to the oponent – all shooters shoot right after PT.
Gametype B:
medium offensive war – medium distance to the oponent – after the PT remained only the first lines of the player's shooters will shoot.
Gametype C:
Defensive game / Camp – big distance to the oponent – after the PT remained nothing shoots.


-a slow-moving but very effective tactican
-does not like to risk
-non-aggressive, prefers a defensive way of playing
-lazy player (as little moves as possible)
-Very stabil player. You may never underestimate him.
-If he sees he looses a battle he tries to go back as early as possible to regroup.
-Do never think that ...
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Kozacy Antologia wer ENG - działa na windows 7!

Tutaj są linki do kozaków w wersji eng ( działa na windows 7 bez żadnych patchy na rozwiązanie problemów z grafiką ) zwykła wersja ( z płyty CD ) nie działa u mnie nawet po odpaleniu poprzez dmcr.bat z zatrzymaniem procesu explorer.exe

Ta wersja działa pięknie bez zająknięcia ;) Nie wymaga cracka. Instalujesz i grasz ;)
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Jak zrobić mapę do Cossacks: The Art of War [Eng]
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Info [ENG]

:: ::

1. Tourney System:

1.a Main Info:

Tournament consists of 2 rounds. First stage is regional elimination for 2nd round, which is played as a play off. Groups will be 4-7, it depends on number of participants. First proposal for regional stage is share players for these groups:

1- Polish group (1 or 2 groups) Forum language: Polish;
2- Russian group (1) Forum language: Russian;
3- Ukrainian group (1) Forum language: Russian/Ukrainian;
4- Hungarian group (1) Forum language: Hungarian/english;
5- West group (1) Forum language: english;
6- Mix group (1) Forum language: english or Russian

Min. 5 players in each group. In anormal situation we'll add some non-regional players to the smallest groups.

1.b Groups:

Every group has own administrator and language. 8 ...
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Interview with Catweazel [ENG]

Interview by [KGR]BounCe

Hello Domenik, how could you describe yourself as a player ? How do you compare yourself with other players ?

As a player I consider myself as very strong, not just in cossacks but as well in other games. I always try to perfectionize my gamestyle and moreover I am very ambitious. I always try to be 1 step ahead than my oponent, in game and mentally. It is very important that you have strategy for every game and I always try to make this strategy work, no matter what my oponent does. It is my target to push my strategy on the oponent to force him to react on what I do, that confuses him and makes him do mistakes. But I must mention that I am always critisizing myself. I look for mistakes in my game, even if I ...
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Konfiguracja Routera (eng)
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Cossacks 3 DLC: Days of Brillance z polską kampanią!

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